Final papers and presentations are online

Some photos of the event are online

Mobile information systems are no longer a novelty, but rather a ubiquituous phenomenon. Helsinki Mobility Roundtable 2006 offers an opportunity for academic scholars and business leaders to share their visions regarding the implications of mobile communication in the emerging knowledge society.

The Roundtable is a series of global conferences on mobile communication and computing, organized by an international group of visionary researchers and practitioners. The first Mobile Roundtable was held in Tokyo, Japan in 2002. The second host city for the 2003 Mobile Roundtable was Stockholm, Sweden. In 2004, University of Texas hosted the Roundtable in Austin, Texas, U.S.. In 2005, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology hosted the Roundtable in Hong Kong, China.

The Objectives of the Roundtable are:

  • Build and support a sustainable international network of research and industry best practices for the mobile communication and computing business, market and industry

  • Exchange research and knowledge about best practices for different mobile modes of business

  • Facilitate communication & collaboration among global researchers, practitioners and policy makers




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