Mobile information systems are no longer a novelty, but rather a ubiquituous phenomenon. Now the question is, what will drive the wireless and mobile computing industry? Will productivity applications, such as ERP and office suites define the use and form of the mobile devices we are using, or will it be mobile media, entertainment and games?

On one hand, the emergency of mobile media and gaming applications, especially in Asia, has driven the development of entertainment phones and services. The convergence of phones, hand held gaming consoles and mp3 players with hard disks drives us towards ubiquitous access to entertainment through faster networks and better displays.

On the other hand, powerful mobile communicators are used by more and more corporations to use them as secondary, or even primary, platform to access corporate information systems, such as email, CRM and even ERP solutions. The development in these is driven by security, availability and robustness of the networks and devices.

We hope to gather researchers and practitioners alike to discuss what the key drivers of future mobile communications are. What is the role of new technologies, such as Wimax and VoFI and will open source phones drive the development into totally new directions. How will the mobile operators respond to the push of computing giants, such as Microsoft?















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