Helsinki Mobility Roundtable 2006 Helsinki School of Economics

Papers by session

Time: Mobile Applications Mobile Enteprise Mobile Services Policy Issues
  1. June The Diffusion of Networked Gaming in the United States and Korea Wireless Enterprise Innovations: Raising Issues of Temporality and Activities Snow, buses, and mobile data services Supply-Push or Demand-Pull as driver for Local Access Provisioning? - Initial findings from interviews with market actors
  11:00 -12:30 Authors: Elizabeth Fife, Mark Hillebrandt, Francis Pereira See presentation Authors: Per Andersson, Mats Edenius, Christopher Rosenqvist, Pablo Valiente Author: Vladislav V. Fomin See presentation Authors: Jan Markendahl, Jan Werding
    Mobile Banking in Germany  ICT Investment Evaluation and Mobile Computing Business Support for Construction Site Operations Virtual baby visit going mobile Institutional Viewpoint on Wireless Standardisation Process
    Authors: Eusebio Scornavacca, Hartmut Hoehle See presentation Author: Alexander Löfgren See presentation Authors: Anne-F. Rutkowski, Ronald Spanjers, Michiel van Genuchten


Author: Anri Kivimäki

The Business Potential Of Mobile Entertainment In China Market


Mobile service and phone as consumption system – the impact on customer switching  Gender and Age Differences in Individual Decisions about Wireless Mobile Data Services: A Report from China  Coordination of technology and diverse organizational actors during service innovation – the case of wireless data services in the United Kingdom 
    Author: Peng Luo See presentation  Author: Mitja Pirc  Author: Chang Liu See presentation Authors: David Tilson, Kalle Lyytinen, Carsten Sørensen, Jonathan Liebenau See presentation
  13:30 -15:00 Understanding Changes in Consumer Payment Habits - Do Mobile Payments Attract Consumers?  Business Implications of Composition Framework in Ambient Networks Considerations in Providing Ubiquitous Internet Access for China’s Metropolitan Areas: A Blueprint for Integrated Wireless Broadband Information Services (IWBIS)  Personal Information Infrastructures for Everyday Lived Experience: A Challenge for the Future
  Authors: Tomi Dahlberg, Anssi Öörni Authors: Petteri Pöyhönen, Ove Strandberg, Jan Markendahl, Julien Laganier Authors: Matti Hämäläinen, Zhangxi Lin Author: Jennie Carroll
  Micropayment business in Finland- forming the basis for development of micropayment methods and business  Evaluating Consumer Permission in SMS Advertising Developing a Conceptual Framework for Mobile Services IT and Telecoms Convergence: Mobile Service Delivery in the EU and Japan
  Authors: Päivi Jaring, Tapio Matinmikko, Pekka Abrahamsson  Authors: Fatim Bamba, Stuart J. Barnes Authors: Kristina Heinonen, Minna Pura  Authors: Patrik Kärrberg, Jonathan Liebenau
  Exploring Consumer Adoption of Mobile Payments - A Qualitative Study  Effects of perceptions in different usage environments on user acceptance of mobile Internet services – empirical results from a study following a mixed method research design Mobile Security as a Service Business roles enabled by Ambient Networking to provide access for anyone to any network and service
  Author: Niina Mallat See presentation   Author: Joerg C. Koenigstorfer Author: Aki Lassila Authors: Oscar Rietkerk,George Huitema, Jan Markendahl See presentation
  2. June Mobile Payment Market and Research – Past, Present and Future  Smart phone as a medium to access medical information: a field study of military physicians Handset-Based Monitoring of Mobile Subscribers Evolving role of mobile service mediary: Is the I-mode business model becoming extinct? 
  13:30 -15:00 Authors: Tomi Dahlberg, Niina Mallat, Jan Ondrus, Agnieszka Zmijewska Authors: Franck Tétard, Shengnan Han, Ville Harkke, Mikael Collan See presentation Authors: Hannu Verkasalo, Heikki Hämmäinen See presentation Author: Jarkko Vesa See presentation
    Business Ecosystem and Reverse Salient: The Development of the Mobile Music Business in Japan and Korea When play is not enough: Towards actually useful applications for digital entertainment  Leveraging Presence in the Design of Mobile Services: Challenges, Opportunities, and Value Creation  Mobile Commerce Regulatory Frameworks under Digital Convergence
    Author: Akira Takeishi See presentation Authors: Joonas Peltola, Helena Karsten Authors: Dave Yates, Kwan Min Lee, Omar El Sawy  Author: Jari Veijalainen See presentation
    The Swedish mobile Internet: A study of entrepreneurship during 1998-2005  Supporting the Pharmaceutical Sales Force through Mobile Information and Communication technologies: an Exploratory Investigation Two-way Wireless Media Network with WiMax – Bridging the Digital Divide  Drivers of Novel Access Provisioning - Re-use Aspects and Operator Cooperation
    Authors: Carl Sandström, Tori Yu-wen Huang, Stefan Sanz-Velasco, Sven Lindmark  Author: Chihab BenMoussa Authors: Matti Koivisto, Pekka Uotila Mauri Valkonen See presentation  Authors: Jan Werding, Jan Markendahl, Östen Mäkitalo 






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